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Vir are a 3 piece band experimenting with elements of post-punk and shoegaze to create a glacial, dark and elegant sound.

Sam Sloane’s mercurial and echo-laden guitar drifts through the songs while Natasha Arens and Jeff Paul’s rhythm section build and swell around the escalating tension in Sloane’s vocals.

With the band now based in the SF bay area but with roots in Christchurch, New Zealand, the songs contend with a longing for home and a sense of loss despite the idealistic urge for challenge and experience abroad. Drawn to the contradictions and contrasts in the U.S the lyrics contend with a futile attempt and defiant struggle to challenge an insurmountable mountain, as a result, Vir produce an album evocative of the American landscape.

Vir’s music is unashamedly melodic, honest and affecting. The songs are built on an engaging dynamic of fragility, melancholy, ambiance and intensity. Live, the band is uninhibited in communicating songs of love and loss and the fervor with which they play elevates the music to evocative peaks.

"Finally, someone makes this shoegaze revival thing work. Oakland's Vir, formerly called Montana, lays U2-size vocals, melodies, and song structures over sinister, flatline backdrops à la Joy Division. The resulting tension, anchored by singer Sam Sloane's excellent guitar work, creates songs that don't stale" - Nate Seltenrich, East Bay Express

Listen To: "Bail Out" (from Gillespie)



Vir - Gillespie